Melbourne Electrical Energy Management

June 29, 2012

Is your business looking to a sustainable future?

We believe it is possible for all of us to work towards a more sustainable future and one of the first places to start is with buying electrical equipment – particularly if you are a commercial business such as restaurant, bar, or cafe. Here’s some helpful tips we think will help:

  • If you are about to buy new equipment, the latest high-efficiency models may cost more, buy they use around half as much energy and are cheaper to run.
  • Upside down fridges (freezer on the bottom) are usually more efficient.
  • While self defrosting fridges are convenient, they do use more energy
  • The more energy rating stars, the better.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables in season

Commercial businesses, restaurant and Cafes

And here’s some basic tips for those running a business:

  • If your coffee or drinks supplier wants you to display their branding, we recommend you select items that can be reused such as outdoor table guards and umbrellas rather than disposable cups.
  • Return packaging and pallets to suppliers or ask that products be supplied without additional plastic wrapping
  • Ask for invoices to be prepared electronically to avoid extra paperwork
  • Think about your needs – it could be more efficient to order ice from a local manufacturer than using an ice maker. Icemakers are inefficient users of water and energy

We have more information here about buying sustainable electrical goods and are always available to discuss with you the best options for your business.