Welcome to a whole new way of looking at energy usage

October 26, 2012


For $250.00, we can supply and install this in your home or business. This is a class leading quality monitor at a price that should quickly pay for itself in cost savings, and help the environment at the same time.

Complete wireless electricity monitor solution, Data can be tracked and stored online

Rolling 2 year data upload function, Supports up to 6 tariffs

Weekday/weekend split rates can be programmed, Current and historical cost of electricity display

Current and historical greenhouse gas display, Current and historical energy usage display (including amps)

Date, time and temperature display, High speed data upload, Data cable & PC Software included, not suitable for Apple Mac PC’s.

Here it is through the eyes of Kate, who works at Alert Electrical, who has this installed in her own home.

Kate’s power bills have been soaring, with a family of 4 (and 2 teenage daughters). Kate’s LCD usage monitor sits on the kitchen and is talking wirelessly to the transmitter installed at the switchboard. The family has been watching their power consumption on a daily basis since the system arrived at their home in July this year, and making intelligent changes to reduce power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Kate marvels at how her girls will grow up not even questioning the need to turn off appliances at the wall, ensure the TV is not left on when they leave a room and other basic energy-saving moves.

“I think it will just be like putting on your seatbelt for them,” she says. “When we get in the car, they are buckled up even before I am, without me asking. They just know that’s what you have to do, and I think the education and awareness from the energy monitor is similar.”

“OWL + USB Electricity Monitor allows the family to see the household’s power usage and cost in real time. Switch the kettle on, and watch the monitor increase, I bet you will stop boiling the kettle 2-3 times before making the coffee. Beat the bill shock of your electricity account. There are no surprises, the OWL shows how much the quarterly bill is going to be plus your supply charge.”

Energy Monitoring Melbourne, Alert Electrical, has the experience and the passion to help all households and businesses in Melbourne to work together and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.