Energy costs for businesses have risen ~ 14.5% since the introduction of the carbon tax

February 1, 2013

A report issued last month by the Australian Industry Group, found an increase in costs was consistent across all business sectors, but the distribution was uneven, with food manufacturers hit particularly hard.

The report was the result of a multi-stage research project that surveyed 485 businesses at the end of November 2012.

For food manufacturers, the report was troubling, with 90% reporting immediate rises in their input costs due to the carbon tax.

In other industries, manufacturing businesses reported an average increase of 14.5%, service providers a rise of 13.6% and for construction companies their energy bills grew by 14.8%.

Australian business are faced with many barriers, including pricing power from customers, local demand conditions and competition from imports produced in countries that do not impose similar carbon costs.

Therefore, it only makes sense to reduce electricity, inturn costs including carbon expenses.

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