Electrical contractors for government departments and defence in Victoria

January 27, 2014

Victorian Police Air Wing


The Victorian Police Air Wing is based at Essendon Airport and provides vital crime prevention services to the state.

Alert Electrical is a preferred supplier of electrical services and maintenance for this building. Alert’s electricians appreciate the security measures and sensitive nature of the Victorian Police Air Wing and responds by ensuring the highest level of discreetness, professionalism, confidentiality and adherence to protocol.

Department of Defence

3DeptofDefenceLocated across various areas of Melbourne, the Department of Defence engages Alert Electrical to complete capital works at their barracks and buildings.

Absolute confidentiality is required on these jobs. Our team of electricians are required to display their courtesy to their work sites and those working around them, with defence members often being required to escort them on-site during the electrical works, due to the sensitive nature of their sites.