Melbourne energy management for fitness centres

July 31, 2014

Energy-saving solutions and 24/7 service response

Providing electricity to the fitness industry is a unique task. Throughout Melbourne there are many 24-hour gyms, catering to the frenetic lifestyle of Melbournians so they can stay fit and healthy when it suits them.

A 24-hour gym has its lights on, security systems activated, cooling systems, radio and televisions on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure running a 24-hour fitness centre or gym is a profitable business, we provide energy management services to help reduce energy bills. You can’t simply “turn off” the fans, TVs and radio, or it is unlikely people will wish to return or continue their membership! A 24-hour gym has all systems activated at all times.

We provide energy management audits, installation of energy-saving lighting, safety switches and more, so you can run a profitable business. Our 24-hour service response is supported by our fleet of vehicles and after-hours electricians, meaning if there is an issue after “regular” business hours your business doesn’t experience downtime as a result.

We service the 22 Goodlife Health Clubs located across Melbourne, providing emergency response, scheduled maintenance and fit-outs for new builds.

If you are opening a fitness centre in Melbourne, or have an existing business, contact us to discuss our energy management services to keep you up and running, 24 hours a day.