Maintenance electrician in Northern Suburbs

October 23, 2014

When people across Melbourne including the Northern Suburbs think about property maintenance, it’s important they include an electrician in the mix.

Property maintenance isn’t just about cleaning your gutters, washing your windows and mowing your lawn. It’s about security and safety too, and at Alert Electrical we believe everyone deserves to be safe in their place of residence.

That’s where electricians are vital. They can play a key role in ensuring properties including multi-residential buildings are secure for the people that live there.

Access control and security including video cameras are common tools that qualified professionals can install in buildings with multiple tenants. It’s all about protecting those that live there, giving them easy access while stopping unauthorised people from waltzing in unannounced by electronically refusing them entry at a selected barrier such as a main entrance door.

Access control is often focused on sites including a multi-residential building’s front door, garage entry or elevator. Authorised people such as residents can use a swipe card, PIN or password right up to fingerprint or retina scan to gain entry. Businesses have also enthusiastically adopted the technology.

But like any system, it needs to be looked after to remain effective. At Alert Electrical, our experienced team of qualified electrical contractors offers an extensive property maintenance service for clients. We help provide our clients – from residential-property managers and businesses to individual home owners – with peace of mind by being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when it comes to electrical maintenance.

So if you need an electrician in the Northern Suburbs to carry out electrical maintenance on the property you manage or own, then contact our professional team. From access control and security to all your other electrical needs, Alert Electrical can help.