Melbourne embraces fibre optic installation

November 25, 2014

Fibre optic installation is serving up many advantages in the competitive world of communications technology and Melbourne people are quick to recognise the opportunities it brings.

The high-tech cabling is a key part of the National Broadband Network being rolled out across Australia and offers impressive benefits over traditional copper wire transmission.

At Alert Electrical, we know this technology is a big part of our country’s digital future and we can provide you with professional advice and installation across Melbourne.

Optical fibre is a fibre made of glass or plastic – as thin as a strand of your hair – that carries light pulses along its length to transmit digital data. When these fibres are bundled together it’s called fibre optic cabling.

Fibre optic installation is happening in homes, offices and data centres across Melbourne and Australia as people recognise it delivers increased amounts of digital data over wider distances more rapidly and efficiently than its traditional counterpart.

While swift speed of data transmission and superior carrying capacity are pivotal advantages over wireless and copper technology, fibre optic cabling has other weapons in its arsenal including less maintenance requirements and higher resistance values when it comes to electromagnetic interference. And it also comes out on top in fields including security and fire resistance.

For more information, contact us to see how our highly-qualified electricians can help with your fibre optic installation needs in Melbourne.