Thermal imaging in Melbourne

April 21, 2015

At Alert Electrical we know how important thermal imaging is as a diagnostic tool for many of our clients across Melbourne.

Thermal imaging has many applications. While we use it extensively during electrical switchboard maintenance to locate problems such as overheating, its range of applications in Australia and across the world is huge. From the building industry to border protection, commercial security to manufacturing and helping saving lives at fire scenes, thermal imaging cameras and scanning are part of the working mix.

So what is thermal imaging? Let’s start with the fact that all objects emit infrared radiation. The higher an object’s temperature, the greater the amount of the infrared radiation energy it emits. A thermal imager, working as a specialist heat sensor that is sensitive to the smallest variations in temperature, detects this energy and converts it into an image we can easily read.

This technology allows firefighters to locate victims in low-visibility, smoke-filled environments, helps defence force personnel maintain vision on the darkest of nights and assists in detecting points of overheating in manufacturing processes that could trigger costly breakdowns and safety concerns for staff.

Our team at Alert Electrical uses thermal scanners to swiftly locate any faults in switchboards, searching for possible hotspots that can indicate faults such as loose connections. These faults can potentially lead to expensive problems down the track. Scanning is quick, precise and allows our electricians to pinpoint the problem and get onto the repair work promptly.

If you want more information about our thermal imaging services in Melbourne, just contact us. We’re professional, experienced electricians and we’re here to help.