Specialists in energy saving for North Melbourne homes

March 31, 2016

We’re energy saving experts at Alert Electrical and that’s one of the reasons we got a kick out of working on  Re:CONSTRUCTION’s latest Atkin Street project in North Melbourne.

Being part of Re:CONSTRUCTION’s creative building conversions as the sole electrical contractor is great. And when there’s a real commitment to saving energy, that just bumps the satisfaction up another level for our team.

In this project the innovative construction group turned a 150-year-old building, which once housed a masonic lodge, into four townhouses. The finished product, pictured below, pays homage to the building’s history and character while adding the comfort of contemporary fittings. It’s a wonderful mix. And it comes with energy saving measures including a 1.5kw solar-power system, quality insulation and double glazing on windows.

At Alert Electrical, energy management is a core part of our electrical business. So we love it when others also recognise the huge advantages in reducing energy consumption – for the planet and for the hip pocket. There are many ways households can join the energy-saving revolution in North Melbourne. These include turning to renewable energy including solar power, using energy-efficient lights and adopting double glazing for its valuable insulation properties. Insulating your walls and roof can lead to huge savings too, cutting back the need to fire up the air conditioner in summer and the heater in winter.

We’re often called upon to help businesses find energy saving measures and start the process with an on-site audit to spot areas where the client can reduce their energy use. It’s about saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking a more sustainable approach every day. Every reduction in energy is a step forward.

We reckon we took a stride forward with the Atkin Street project. The energy saving results are good and the North Melbourne project’s a winner.

If you need specialists in energy saving for your North Melbourne project, please contact us at Alert Electrical. It’s a passion of ours and we’d love to help.