Our electrical installations light up Melbourne underpass artwork

May 15, 2018

Alert Electrical’s talented team has turned its hand to illuminating art after being called on to light up large-scale mural work on underpass walls at Oakleigh.

And while we’re happy to tackle all kinds of electrical installations in Melbourne, when the work is in proximity to busy roads and moving vehicles the difficulty factor can climb and careful planning is a must.

Before work started on the underpass lighting project for Monash City Council, it was imperative that a traffic management plan and necessary safety controls were in place. With that safely covered by project leaders, our electricians got to work putting art in the spotlight, so to speak.

The project brief calls for supply and installation of 10 new WE-EF lights at both Portman Street and Haughton Road underpasses to light up colourful wall murals and increase safety. These tough, high-quality lights do the job beautifully, bringing the wall art to life for passing motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The security aspect is a vital one too, with the new lights illuminating pedestrian access at both underpasses and making it safer for people leaving Oakleigh train station. After all, who wants to venture along an underpass on foot when it is dimly lit?

When it comes to Melbourne electrical installations, our team has the expertise, experience and qualifications to complete work to a superior standard. This job was no different, with our electricians installing the lights, supplying a new meter panel and switchboard for each site and providing the necessary electrical inspection and certificate of electrical safety.

During the work, we’ve been allowed to directional bore under the roads and hand dig behind the retaining wall. We also use chemical-bonded anchors to fasten fixtures.

And the results are speaking for themselves. Illuminated art on a grand scale for everyone to enjoy and well-lit underpasses for pedestrians to use.

At Alert Electrical, we are experienced at carrying out Melbourne electrical installations that call for co-ordination with authorities and other contractors. Whether it’s working in with traffic management companies or councils, we are happy to work as part of a team to get jobs done successfully, efficiently and on time.

If you are on the hunt for professional commercial electricians to carry out your project’s electrical installations in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us for information.