Cut your power bills with our Melbourne electricians

January 31, 2019

With power costs creeping higher every year, it’s not surprising that businesses are searching for ways to reduce their energy bills.

And one of the most positive steps you can take is to enlist the support of our experienced Melbourne electricians to carry out a thorough energy audit.

At Alert Electrical, we’ve built a strong reputation when it comes to quality energy management solutions for a wide range of businesses.

As energy consultants with leading national manufacturer of electrical products Clipsal/Schneider, we are experts when it comes to up-to-date energy-efficient products and ways to reduce power consumption and lower bills. We are proud to be part of Clipsal/Schneider’s worldwide initiative EcoXpert, which is only open to accredited electricians

But our energy audits are a cornerstone in the on-going quest to cut power use. Our Melbourne electricians will carry out a thorough assessment of your office, warehouse, factory or home to identify the best options to achieve lower overall energy output.

Some of our findings may be simple and easily recognised during our walk-through of your premises. Others can involve in-depth analysis via data cataloguing or sub-metering. Our team puts every part of energy consumption at your business under the spotlight.

We then produce a unique report on your business that lists energy saving recommendations and how to implement them. We’ll also monitor energy use quarterly as part of the process.

These energy audits provide businesses with cost estimates for Alert Electrical’s recommendations, benefits these changes will bring, greenhouse savings as well as listing expected payback period.

Our audits can be game changers when it comes to reducing power use and costs for businesses across the city. Clients also seek energy audits for a range of other reasons including ways to achieve carbon reduction targets or seeking a deeper understanding of how their building chews through power.

If you are interested in knowing more about our energy audits in an effort to better manage the electricity use at your business, please contact our Melbourne electricians today.