Melbourne’s emergency electricians supporting businesses

March 29, 2019

If something power-related goes wrong at your business, you can’t afford to wait for a convenient time to have someone attend to it.

That’s why our 24-hour emergency electricians in Melbourne are available to help businesses get back on their feet as soon as possible.

When a power factor correction unit caught fire at Coburg Leisure Centre on a Sunday about a month ago, our crew responded to their call for help. While the fire brigade had attended and turned off the power, our electricians were on site within an hour.

Emergencies such as this are a core part of our business. After we’d achieved our first priority of making the site safe at the fitness club, we disconnected the faulty power factor correction unit and made the necessary repairs. Then we reinstated the power so it returned to business as usual at the popular fitness centre in the state capital’s inner suburbs. You can see the damaged unit in the pictures below.

Power problems – whether they result in a vital piece of equipment not working, lights failing or communication systems going down – can cause major disruptions to businesses big and small. They can hit productivity and efficiency, impact heavily on clients and cost you serious down time and financial loss.

Having a team of emergency commercial electricians you can call on in Melbourne, around the clock, seven days a week, gives you peace of mind that qualified and licensed experts will find a solution swiftly.

Our electricians attend a wide range of emergency situations and we’ve got the experience and knowledge to handle whatever power issue confronts us in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

Whether you’re experiencing serious power problems in the wake of heavy rain and flooding, there’s a strong burning smell in your premises, or your electrical outlets have been overloaded, we can help. Perhaps you are impacted by power surges or the electricity has simply shut off completely. Maybe you need help with data point maintenance.

Whatever the reason, Alert Electrical’s experienced team is a mere call away, ready to respond rapidly to your emergency – just like we did at Coburg Leisure Centre.

If you need emergency electricians in Melbourne, please contact our team for a quality solution.