Melbourne commercial electricians install eye-catching LED sign

October 31, 2019

When Sake Restaurant in Flinders Lane wanted to spruce up its street entrance it needed the services of an experienced commercial electrician in Melbourne.

So our professional team at Alert Electrical stepped in to help. The job: Install a 75-inch weatherproof screen, weighing 185 kilograms, facing the street. The reason: To invite people into the award-winning restaurant from Flinders Lane. And our response: Just the sort of task we love to tackle!

Impressive LED sign

The Sake Restaurant job involved:

  • Removing decorative timber posts that weren’t strong enough to hold the screen’s impressive weight;
  • Running power from the restaurant’s interior through walls to the screen’s location;
  • Installing a black weatherproof power point to blend into the background, as well as a mounting bracket to the brick wall;
  • Organising traffic management and blocking off part of the street for a mini crane. The mini crane reached over a garden bed and steps to the restaurant so our electricians could mount the screen on the brick wall;
  • And connecting in the screen, then recutting the decorative posts to size and reinstalling to the original frame.

The impressive new screen has WiFi and a media player built in, meaning Sake staff can change the displayed pages from inside the restaurant when needed.

Our commercial electrician team in Melbourne carried out the job in stages, working only when the restaurant was closed to avoid disturbing diners. We completed each stage on time, before the restaurant opened for business, and kept the manager up to date with our progress. The manager praised our staff for their organisation, saying the total look of the finished product exceeded her expectations.

LED screen installation experts

As  leading Melbourne commercial electricians, we are committed to carrying out all work including LED screen installations to a high standard.

And that’s the approach we took when we tackled another screen installation at five-star hotel Pullman Melbourne On The Park. The hotel in East Melbourne wanted to upgrade a range of screens and we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

We replaced their existing old system with more modern, effective LED panels in corridors, a few medium LED screens in the lobby and behind reception and two large LED screens on columns near the grand entrance.

Our electricians connected media players to the large screen and all screens can be controlled from reception. The screens are set up to display the function/meeting rooms available in the hotel, making it easy to navigate the building.

If you need a commercial electrician in Melbourne to carry out LED screen upgrades, contact Alert Electrical for assistance.