Melbourne electricians’ energy-management tips for Christmas

December 23, 2019

By following energy-management tips from our electricians Melbourne people can enjoy the gift of lower power bills and less greenhouse gas emissions this Christmas.

At Alert Electrical, we know that the festive season is about family and friends. It’s about gathering together, relaxing and enjoying good food and good company.

But with everyone being home, the air con gets a work out, the oven’s always toiling away and the Christmas lights are sparkling. It’s a high-energy time of year, often resulting in a large power bill when finances are already stretched to the limit.

Alert Electrical specialises in carrying out comprehensive power-saving audits that save homes and businesses money on energy bills. Some of our residential energy-management tips during Christmas include:

  • Make sure you use energy-efficient LED lights in your home, including on your Christmas tree. And don’t leave your Christmas lights on overnight;
  • Switch to solar-powered Christmas lights for festive cheer outside your home;
  • Give your oven a break and use the trusty BBQ for cooking;
  • Try to limit the use of your air conditioner and don’t turn it down too low;
  • And get an energy audit from the electricians Melbourne homeowners trust – Alert Electrical.

So enjoy Christmas and the festive season with your loved ones without attracting a large power bill. By taking an energy-wise approach, you’ll reap the rewards over the holidays.

Please contact Alert Electrical’s team of experienced Melbourne electricians if you would like quality advice on better energy management for your household.