Your Melbourne electricians for public lighting solutions

January 25, 2020

As experienced Melbourne electricians, when Monash City Council called about a problem with public lighting we were quick to respond.

Alert Electrical enjoys an ongoing partnership with the busy council. We are their go-to team for electrical solutions. And when lights started going out in one of the council’s busy walkway areas, it was up to our team to fix the problem.

Public safety is vital not just in the council area, but across the city, state and country. We all deserve to feel safe in our environment. Public lighting plays a big part in achieving just that.

The fact is people feel more comfortable in well-lit public areas. On the other hand, a lack of sufficient lighting can create a hazard at night for people using the space.

Our highly-trained and qualified Melbourne electricians got to work once the call came through. We replaced a number of 42W PLC globes as well as control gear that had failed. Check out the photo below of us in action.

The end result is a walking track that’s well-lit at night, making it safe for the public to use.

Alert Electrical have years of experience in providing external and internal lighting solutions for councils, businesses and more. Whether you need new lighting from design through to installation, or a quality team to maintain, repair or upgrade your lighting, we can help.

You can also turn to our Melbourne electricians for expert information about your lighting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alert Electrical’s knowledgeable Melbourne electricians for your electrical needs including public lighting. We are here to assist you.