Switchboard upgrades at Melbourne suburban library

May 29, 2021

At Alert Electrical we like a story with a good ending – and that’s what we delivered with our switchboard upgrades in Melbourne at a well-known library.

Oakleigh Library is a vital community hub, about 14 kilometres south-east of the CBD. And when its old switchboard needed replacing recently, our team of experienced electricians was quickly on the job.

Faulty switchboards can be a serious danger. Risks include electrocution and fire. And neither scenario is acceptable.

Our electricians had to:

  • Remove the library’s old switchboard, which had a broken front panel;
  • Replace it with an upgraded model;
  • And replace the circuit breakers with safety switches.

Because the library services were in daily demand, we liaised with Monash City Council’s staff to find an appropriate time to carry out the upgrade. This meant we went to work when the library was closed.

Our electricians also modified the way we mounted the new switchboard due to its size differing from the original one.

With the project successfully completed, the client can now enjoy peace of mind that the library is well protected by safety switches. This helps reduce risk of fire and electrical shock and meets current Australian Standards.

At Alert Electrical, we are called on to carry out a wide range of electrical services for clients such as Monash council. From safety inspections to switchboard upgrades Melbourne clients can count on our team for quality work.

We provide switchboard services including:

  • Testing and installation of safety switches (RCD);
  • Fault identification and repairs;
  • Switchboard upgrades;
  • Safety inspections;
  • And surge protection.

If you need switchboard upgrades in Melbourne, you know who to call. And that’s us – Alert Electrical.

We are professional, reliable and experienced electricians and we won’t let you down.

Please contact us on 1300 389 270 if you would like more information or to book our services. We are happy to help.