Switchboard upgrades for Melbourne clients

December 13, 2021

Switchboard upgrades in Melbourne homes and businesses offer vital protection to people and property.

Old-style switchboards, with dated ceramic fuses, don’t cut it in today’s energy-hungry world. They can struggle to handle the huge increase in demand for electricity for appliances including kettles, machinery, computers, dishwashers, TVs and dryers. And many of these overloaded boards don’t have inbuilt safety switches as a vital line of defence.

Switchboards are a centralised device consisting of at least one assembled panel that directs energy to smaller areas of usage around your premises. Thanks to the switchboard, there’s power when you want to switch on a lamp by your bedside or a kettle in the work tearoom.

At Alert Electrical, our licensed and qualified electricians regularly carry out the switchboard upgrades Melbourne clients rely on to keep them safe. We know that faulty switchboards can trigger fires or lead to electrocution. And that’s definitely something homeowners and employers want to avoid at all costs.

Boost safety levels

So how can we help? Well, our team can visit your home or commercial premises, inspect the device and advise whether an upgrade is needed. Upgrades can improve the function and longevity of switchboards and boost safety levels. If your device is really dated, you might need it replaced to comply with Australian Standards.

Our switchboard services include:

  • Safety switch (Residual Current Device) testing and professional installation;
  • Identifying faults, handling repairs and carrying out upgrades;
  • And adding surge protectors.

While safety is a leading reason to overhaul your switchboard, a new device might be necessary for some solar power options to work effectively too.

So don’t put up with flickering lights, regularly tripping circuit breakers or old wiring. Don’t put family, friends and workmates at risk of dangerous electrical shocks. And don’t ignore potential fire danger to your property. Take action. Call qualified electricians for help.

Alert Electrical provides professional switchboard upgrades in Melbourne as part of its core business. Please contact us on 1300 389 270 to book our team.

Melbourne switchboard upgrades