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Melbourne Electrical Energy Management

June 29, 2012 Is your business looking to a sustainable future? We believe it is possible for all of us to work towards a more sustainable future and one of the first places to start is with buying electrical equipment – particularly if you are a commercial business such as restaurant, bar, or cafe. Here’s some helpful tips we...
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Your Melbourne Electrician Efficient Heating Tips

June 3, 2012 Working or shopping in a comfortable environment is something all business aim for yet this needs to be done in as efficient way as possible so you don’t spend excessively on your warming and heating bills. Efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems can reduce your costs while lowering your carbon output – read here how...
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Melbourne Commercial Electricians

May 17, 2012 Environmentally conscious electricians How can your business benefit from our service? We are professional, qualified and reliable Melbourne commercial electricians who will help you reduce your energy bills as well as help the environment. Our company is built on the values of innovation, integrity, honesty and quality. At Alert Electrical Maintenance we build on relationships,...
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Energy Efficient Home Heating Melbourne

April 1, 2012 We know you can only benefit from buying energy efficient heating and cooling systems for your home – this can only save you money in the long run. See our latest information on energy efficient home electrical installations and work towards lower power bills and helping the environment.

How to Find the Right Melbourne Electrician

March 20, 2012 Finding the right Melbourne electrician for your business is vital so you know you are dealing with a company that is reliable, professional and experienced – this means little or no downtime due to avoidable electrical issues. We recommend you look at a few defining factors that will help you select the right electricians for...
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Electricians supporting the educational centres of the future

December 1, 2008 As part of the DEECD Stage 4 Energy Upgrade project, Alert Electrical was contracted in May 2008 to implement sustainability solutions into various schools across Melbourne and Geelong by June 30 or that year. With the works for all sites running simultaneously, Alert Electrical called upon its exceptional project management capabilities to ensure tight time frames and project deadlines were...
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