Testimonial – 1225

October 30, 2017

Would you recommend our company? Definitely
How did you hear about us? Used Our Services in the Past
Why did you choose Alert Electrical? Rates
If other please specify? Quality of the job
Did your service technician follow up with you to ensure satisfaction? Yes
Did you have any concerns during your experience or after your services were completed? No
Have your concerns been resolved to your satisfaction? NA
Was your service finished in a timely manner? Completely Satisfied
Was your service technician courteous, showing concern for your needs? Completely Satisfied
How satisfied are you with your overall experience with Alert’s contractors? Completely Satisfied

Victor provides a first class service. He is always on time or let you know if he’s been delayed. The solution always meets the requirements, is cost effective and of the highest quality.
My husband has an electrical engineering degree and always comments on the quality of the work. And after he is finished there is no mess.

Jennie Codognotto,