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December 4, 2013

Surge arresters

What is a power surge and what causes it?

A surge is a huge spike in voltage that travels down power lines and into your electrical appliances. Power surges are caused by things such as lightning, electrical storms, the operation of high-powered electrical devices (i.e. air conditioners), faulty power lines, fallen or damaged power lines and more.

What are the consequences of an electrical surge?

Over time small power surges (i.e. turning high-powered electrical devices on and off) will shorten the life of your appliances. Left unprotected, a major power surge (i.e. from lightning) can seriously damage or even cause failure to your electrical devices.

How can you prevent one from happening?

You can’t prevent the causes such as lighting strikes, storms or outages. However, you can protect your appliances from the power surge reaching and damaging them.

Surge arresters are a small investment that protect your appliances from damage and failure. Surge arresters are only effective if they are installed correctly – a certified electrician can install them for you in your home or business.

Our qualified electricians in Melbourne can install surge protectors for your home or business – please contact us.