Energy management Melbourne

Energy monitoring to help reduce your power bills

Alert Electrical Group is situated in Airport West and are experts in advising Melbourne businesses on energy management which results in cheaper bills and helps the environment.

Our energy monitoring service begins with an energy-saving audit. This is a thorough and professional assessment of your building to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced.

It can be as simple as a walk through to identify areas of waste or a more comprehensive analysis which includes sub-metering and data cataloguing. We give you a detailed cost-benefit analysis that forms the basis of your energy management options. Our energy audits comply with all relevant standards.

Why have a power saving audit at your business?

An energy saving audit will identify the best ways to cut a building’s energy use which will save you money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An audit may identify opportunities to save energy that cost little or it can identify opportunities where capital investment is outweighed by a much longer payback period.

An audit is best undertaken when you:

  • want to reduce energy consumption
  • want to know how to reach a carbon reduction target
  • need to validate a budget for energy saving capital works
  • want to know what energy conservation measures provide the best savings and payback
  • want to learn more about how a building consumes energy.

Energy management solutions Melbourne businesses need

Our professional team will meet with you to carry out the following easy three-step process:

  1. conduct the energy-saving audit – identify ways to reduce your energy use
  2. planning session – we prepare a report with a list of energy-saving recommendations, the cost, the benefit, greenhouse savings and payback period expected
  3. quarterly/monthly monitoring of your energy consumption – we monitor energy costs to make sure you will benefit from any possible further savings.

Energy management at Alert Electrical Group’s office

At Alert Electrical Group, we practice what we preach! All our vans have enough carbon credits per year to offset the greenhouse gas emission they produce as they are all registered with Greenpath. Greenpath is an environmentally-conscious organisation working with Citilink and Origin Energy to reduce the impact motor vehicles have on our environment. This is achieved through the development of renewable energy sources, buying energy-efficient products, methane destruction and tree planting.

We believe every little bit helps and at our Moonee Ponds office we use energy-efficient products throughout the building and have installed a process to recycle grey water. We also use recycled paper for our marketing brochures.

While we specialise in energy monitoring and management we also provide electrical maintenance in Melbourne. Contact us for more information about how we can help your business with power saving measures today.