Standby generator systems for Melbourne commercial businesses

An Alert Electrical electrician will ensure your business is running smoothly at all times with protection against power outages

Extremely hot weather, electrical faults and electrical storms are common causes of power loss. When you are running a commercial business you don’t want external influences such as power outages to affect your regular operations.

If you are unprotected when a power outage occurs, you can lose time and money without the ability to gauge how long the outage will last.

Our commercial standby generator systems are big and powerful enough to power your business during a significant outage. As soon as an outage is detected, the generator will immediately take over the energy load and power your business until normal power returns.

In conjunction with our commercial generator systems, our Melbourne electricians can install lightning protection systems to prevent the need to switch straight to your generator.


A major electrical storm hitting Melbourne city.

Please contact us for a Melbourne commercial electrician who can install a standby generator system for your business.