Electrical contractor providing Cut Over and Disaster Recovery Plans in Melbourne

April 14, 2014

Melbourne CBD is a thriving hub of business activity. While all businesses have ups and downs, if there was a major disaster causing your electrical infrastructure to shut down, how would your business cope? How long would you be able to keep your business up and running if you couldn’t take calls from clients, or even send emails? What would happen if you lost all your company’s important data?

If you have any sort of commercial business you really need to ask yourself these questions and think about how much your business would really be affected in the case of a disaster. A disaster is, by definition, ‘a sudden accident or natural catastrophe that causes great damage’. Even though sudden accidents and natural catastrophes can’t be predicted or prevented, there are systems you can put into place with the help of an electrical contractor in order to prepare your business in the case of a major disruption to your electrical infrastructure.

A solid plan will, at least, help lessen the impact of a disaster and the recovery of data for your business. Disasters include (but are not limited to) flooding, fires, storms, earthquakes, extreme temperatures and overheating, and more. A Cut Over and Disaster Recovery Plan details what to do in the case of a disaster which compromises electrical infrastructure including data and telecommunications. A Cut Over is the transition from your existing communications system to a new one – this can be temporary or permanent depending on the type and severity of the disaster. Businesses with plans in place bounce back from disasters quicker than businesses without plans in place (and some unfortunately never recover) due to the minimisation of downtime and backup of important data.

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