Melbourne’s experts in switchboards

Electrical switchboards may not flick your switch but, believe us, they play an important part in keeping your Melbourne business running smoothly.

The humble switchboard lies at the heart of electrical distribution in workplaces because it directs power from an outside source, such as a power company, to all areas of need within your business. If you turn on a computer or a light, heat up your lunch in the tea room’s microwave or rely on electrical supply to run your equipment, it will be the switchboard that is ensuring the correct current reaches those devices.

Switchboards, usually designed in a series of linked panels, feature switches to control electricity flow. Nowadays they also include safety switches to safeguard people from the risk of electrocution as well as circuit breakers, which protect electrical fittings and appliances. Electricians can also incorporate surge protectors to shield equipment from harmful spikes in voltage.

In today’s tough economic times, no business can afford downtime caused by power problems – especially if it’s triggered by a sub-standard or inadequate switchboard. At Alert Electrical, our staff are highly qualified in installing and maintaining these vital hubs and we have a significant client base across Melbourne that calls on our services in this field.

Our electricians can also provide quality advice about whether your existing switchboard is still coping adequately with the growing demands of your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Alert Electrical if you need more information about switchboards in Melbourne.