Ask us about an energy-saving audit for your Carlton property

September 23, 2015

Drive through Carlton and it doesn’t take long to recognise that medium to high-density housing is a strong feature across the suburb.

Property managers oversee countless student housing and apartment blocks in the area. And we, the professional team at Alert Electrical, can help make their job even easier by finding options for energy saving in the Carlton properties they manage.

Our electricians can carry out comprehensive energy-saving audits on buildings to help cut your energy outlay, slashing your bills, helping the environment at the same time and even making your property more attractive to renters. It’s a great result all round and it’s part of our energy management service.

By examining the building, assessing its infrastructure and electrical output, we can pin point areas such as lighting where you can make a real energy saving. We can also carry out further in-depth analysis if needed, branching into areas including data cataloguing.

And once we’ve uncovered where the energy waste is, we can plan a solution for the building. A solution that will lead to lower energy bills and lower greenhouse emissions.

Our energy-saving audits, which meet all the relevant standards, are a valuable management tool for property developers and their clients. The findings could recommend changes with a negligible price tag. But even if the outlay to achieve optimum savings is higher, when balanced against the long-term energy savings it still stacks up as a cost-effective and sensible approach.

We also offer regular energy-use monitoring to make sure you remain on track.

Our audits bring real benefits to property managers and investors, making properties more appealing to renters with the ability to lower rent or show that you promote green city living.

If you want to learn more about options for energy saving in Carlton properties, contact us at Alert Electrical to see how our thorough audits can assist.