The Melbourne electricians powering gym workouts across the City

August 25, 2018

Our team of experienced Melbourne-based gym electricians are the go-to professionals for many of the largest gyms in the fitness industry, proving our unparalleled reliability, expertise and quality of work.

The fitness industry is booming at the moment and as a result there has been a considerable increase in demand for the services carried out by our electricians in Melbourne gyms. From switchboard manufacturing, lighting, power systems and security and access control. Our team will take care of all of your electrical needs, with a 24/7 availability meaning we’ll keep your business running smoothly for all of your members.

When it comes to opening and running a gym, it’s absolutely crucial that you have a supportive and reliable electrical company on hand for assistance. After all, every business is reliant on power. However, a gym and its members (especially a 24 hour one) absolutely depends on effective electrical components and well-built infrastructure.

There is a reason that over the years our team at Alert Electrical has proven to be the commercial electricians of choice for Melbourne gyms, with our focus being on providing quality work and saving gym owners money through efficient power systems.

Many gym owners underestimate the importance of having an efficient and cohesive electrical system in place, with some gym owners having their entrepreneurial spirit crushed by shockingly expensive energy bills. If you’re looking to keep your energy costs at a minimum, you need an electrical team to ensure all of the electrical components of your gym are running optimally, giving you maximum output for minimal cost.

Whether this is through installing sensor lighting in bathrooms and sections of the gym that may not be constantly used, through to high quality data cabling and surge protection. Alert Electrical has a proven track record of giving gym owners maximum value for money. From lighting to security systems and audiovisual systems. We do it all. If you’re looking for specialist gym electricians in Melbourne, then you need to contact the team at Alert Electrical.