Lighting upgrade and electrical installations by our residential electricians in Melbourne

Our residential electricians in Melbourne got a chance to do some exciting electrical installations and lighting upgrades at a house in Sunshine West.

The client wanted to elevate the look of the entrance to their double-storey home. After searching for the perfect light fitting, they found a large Italian crystal chandelier that would add the desired elegance to the space. The chandelier features a height of 1.4m, a diameter of 0.7m, 34 light globes, and over 200 crystal strands, weighing approximately 20-25 kg.

As a trusted residential electrician in Melbourne, Alert Electrical faced the common challenge of cleaning and replacing globes on the chandelier. The client came up with a unique solution to this issue, opting to install an electric lift motor in the roof space to easily lower the chandelier to ground level for any maintenance needs.

The team at Alert Electrical installed the electric motor, created a special stand, attached the crystal strands and globes, and thoroughly tested the installation to ensure its success. The result was a breathtaking and functional chandelier that impressed the customer and met their needs. The customer was thrilled with the outcome and sent a heartfelt email of thanks to the team:

“Thanks a lot for doing a brilliant job! Also, please extend our thanks to the Alert Electrical guys. We really love this elegant chandelier!”

This project showcases the creativity and skill of Alert Electrical in Melbourne, delivering high-quality and customised solutions to residential customers. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Project Details

Completion Jan 2023

Location Melbourne