Lighting upgrades boost Melbourne renovations

December 17, 2014

Call Alert Electrical’s expert team for advice

If your Melbourne business or establishment is undergoing a renovation in the new year, then don’t forget to shine a spotlight on lighting upgrades.

Getting lighting right is a vital part of any building reno and has major implications in areas including sales, productivity, atmosphere and health and safety. At Alert Electrical, we know quality lighting can give you a performance edge and we’re experts when it comes to a wide range of electrical components and installations.

Did you know that getting your lighting system right can increase your retail store’s foot traffic? Lights, from correctly-placed spotlights and backlights to the grand chandelier, are clever tools that retailers can use to entice customers into their business, channel their attention towards certain products such as high-end or sale items, manipulate the path they take in the store and make the overall shopping experience an enjoyable one that they’ll be keen to repeat.

It’s well worth talking to our experienced team about how to get the most out of your newly renovated premises when it comes to lights. Take jewellery stores. Have you ever walked into a jewellers and marvelled at the brilliant sparkle of diamonds and other precious stones? They seem to shout `buy me’ and plenty of people do. But while the diamonds are the shop’s stars, the lights are the crucial support crew that focus attention on the store’s headline performers.

From retailers to hospitals, offices to education facilities – all can reap the benefits of lighting upgrades. Schools are a great example. Installing superior systems in schools as part of major renovations can not only substantially cut power costs and save energy, it can also enhance student productivity in the classroom, boost concentration levels and even improve behaviour.

If you have questions about how to maximise the potential of your renovation in Melbourne with lighting upgrades, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Alert Electrical and talk to our experienced team.